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Customs in Indonesia

Indonesia has a lot of great things and it is hard not to like the country. However there are also some things that can make life frustrating here. One thing is dealing with customs… A month ago I tried to find a nike sensor for my Ipod. In Bali they did not have this product so I had to order it from the US… Needless to say the customs gave me a hard time bu issuing an 80% import duty on the product. Yes… I know… It is not a 80% import duty on electronics but the customs decided to “revalue” the product to such a price that I had to pay the same import duty as I would have paid if I bought a new ipod. Obviously this makes you wonder if the customs cannot see the difference between an Ipod and an Ipod accessory.

I complained to DHL but they simply stated that you cannot file a complaint to the customs unless the value is over 5000 USD. So in the end I had to pay excessive duties for my little Nike sensor for my Ipod… I learnt during this experience that goods valued under 50USD does not have any import duties at all. So if I would have ordered the item in a separate package I would probably not have had to pay any custom duties at all. After all purchase price was around 25 USD and weight 200grams…

So lesson learnt.. It may be cheaper overall if you can ship many small packages to Indonesia rather than consolidating several packages into one large package with a value over 50 USD. It will hopefully save you some frustrating times with customs and money…

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