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Jams & marmalade from Bali

Last week we decided to try out jams and salt from Bali Asli to sell to our customers. What attracted our interest with Bali Asli was initially their 100% natural honey, which we now use in many of our smoothies as a natural and more healthy sweetener than sugar. Since Bali Asli also supply jams and spices using 100% natural ingredients, we decided to try out their jams and salt to sell over the counter in our coffee & smoothie bar.

We try to promote local suppliers and Bali Asli provides nice high quality products in a nice package so we could not resist not trying their jams out. Needless to say they taste great… Yesterday we had our first customers buying the Orange Lemon marmalade and some Celery salt. It’s always refreshing to see the appreciation from our guests whilst supporting the local niche suppliers in Bali.

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