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LifeFood diet

Approximately two weeks ago myself and my friend Johan from Café Smörgås started a LifeFood detox fasting period. We followed the guidelines provided by a LifeFood recipe book written by David and Annie Jubb. Honestly it was about time. With the football world championships in South Africa this summer we had a few beers to much and enjoyed to many good spare ribs in the locals sports bars here in Sanur, Bali.

LifeFood diet means that we where only allowed to eat salad and fruit that has not been cooked in order to keep all enzymes. Life force foods are those found wild in nature and served uncooked. Having a smoothie bar filled with organic vegetables, fruits etc., it was not a problem having enough food to eat. Mainly the hardest part was the mental challenge and especially during the first days of the fast… Luckily we where allowed to eat supplements (minerals, vitamins etc) which helped a lot.

Another hard challenge was how to handle the social life. Yesterday I joined my wife (Maya) and her family to a restaurant for her birthday celebration. There was not much I could eat and to be honest social life is not what it should be during a fast. Most of my friends enjoy spare ribs, steaks, beers etc. and to keep a sane mind I simply have had to avoid joining my friends on their nights out in Bali during the fasting.

Results? Well I must say that Johan and me did continue our average of 3 runs per week during the fast and that probably impacted the great weight-loss we achieved. I was 85.3kg 3 weeks ago and this morning after breakfast I was 80.7kg… I know Johan lost a few kg as well… Considering the fasting included liver cleansing etc., I think overall my cholesterol levels are much lower than before. I guess next time I go through this fast I will have a medical check before and after the fast to see the exact results…

Anyway I’m happy the period is over for this time…

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