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Snus available for our Scandinavian guests

Scandinavians has of course some habits that may be strange to foreigners. For example we have the famous Swedish “surströmming” (fermented herring) which makes the smell of a Durian fruit heavenly in comparison. Another example is Snus or “Snuff”. In Scandinavia a lot of people use “snuff” instead of smoking. Snuff is a pulverized tobacco that Scandinavians put under their upper lip (note no chewing, sucking or spitting is required).

Since our Coffee & Smoothie bar has a lot of students from Scandinavia (especially Norway) we now ordered snuff from Sweden. We currently have Göteborgs Rapé White (portion) and General (portion and loose) for sale in our Coffee & Smoothie bar in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia…

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